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Sourdough Potato Bread – Adding sourdough to an existing recipe

This is a recipe I developed yesterday with Pam Beach. This was an interesting example of taking my potato bread recipe and integrating sourdough starter. This is not as complicated as it sounds. If you look at my sourdough starter directions, I use a 100% hydration formula meaning the starter is equal weight of flour of water. WEIGHT – not volume. You really need a scale to do this. (As I said to Pam – get over it 🙂 )

There are two kinds of sourdough recipes: ones without any commercial yeast and those that use commercial yeast also. This is the later. The purpose of the starter is to act as the sponge for additional flavour. This makes the recipe quick as dough rises slowly when it relies on the starter yeast only.

Potato Bread with Sundried Tomato

Potato Tomato Timeline 3:50

This week I am playing with two dried ingredients: potatoes and tomatoes, as in Instant Mashed Potatoes and Sundried Tomatoes. While many will turn up their nose at potato flakes, I love them for baking. They are convenient, low-cost, easy to use and have a long shelf life. Sundried tomatoes come in two form: dry and in oil. I prefer the dry ones because the hydration phase releases wonderful flavours to the water. I use Aurora sundried tomatoes in the 85g/3 oz resealable bag. Normally I use 50g but for convenience I use 1/2 of the pack, 43g/1.5 oz.

Potato Bread


Potato Timeline 2:30


Potato bread using flaked potatoes is one of my favourite breads. Sweet and light it is wonderful just plain as well as toasted with jam. My grandkids go nuts over it.