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Oat Gluten-Free Lemon Milk Pancakes

I was recently advised to reduce my carb and sugar intake. I have been exploring pancakes so I decided to take my Oat Gluten-Free Lemon Milk Waffles and convert it to pancakes. The bonus was that the oat waffles have no sugar. Pancakes require a thinner batter with less fat/sugar and more milk. My starting point to convert a waffle recipe to pancakes is:

Oat Gluten-Free Lemon Milk Waffles

One of the most challenging recipes for me was developing a gluten free waffle. My experiences with using gluten-free flours has not been very rewarding. I decided to look for an oat flour recipe. To start I took my Lemon Milk Waffle recipe and substituted oat flour for the wheat flour. The results were very tasty but fell apart. See there is no gluten in oat flour so there is no “glue” to hold it together.

Then I learned about Xanthan Gum. Xanthan gum is a thickening agent made from fermented sugars and commonly used in gluten-free recipes. Most gluten-free flours come with xanthan gum already mixed in. Xanthan gum has to be used sparingly or you end up with a batter like stiff jello. (I know from personal experience of my first batch. ­čÖé )

Oatmeal Bread

Oatmeal Timeline 3:20

Old fashion rolled oats give this bread body with a wonderful chew. An excellent sandwich bread toasted, grilled or as French toast.

Don’t add more flour too quickly. As the oats absorb the milk, the dough will firm up. Hand knead the dough into a nice ball before the ferment. As this dough is firm, it requires a long ferment and proof.

Stout Beer Oat Bread

Stout Beer Oat Timeline 4:35

Guinness Draught beer is an Irish dry stout. It is described as “Mahogany brown with creamy white head; coffee, toasted malt and hops aromas; medium to full body, creamy smooth flavour and nice touch of bitterness to finish.” My beer bread has tended to be based on India Pale Ales. I thought it would be an interesting challenge to develop a bread around a stout. If you love the taste of stout, you can make my Beer Bread recipe. I wanted something with a bit more body to live up to the beer’s strong flavour so I decided to add oats. The brown sugar gives some sweetness while the butter softens up the crumb.

Honey-Oat Pullman Bread – Pain de Mie


Honey Oat Timeline 4:35

Honey Oat Timeline 4:35


This recipe is a delicious near crustless bread made in a pullman pan┬ácalled┬áPain de Mie. “Pain” in French means “bread”, and “la mie” refers to the soft part of bread, called the crumb.┬áThe size is just larger than a slice of cheese for a grilled cheese sandwich. The bread was also excellent for French toast.

I love baking pans and the Pullman pan is my favourite. The Pullman pan was originally invented for baking bread in the pullman car of a train. The pan fits in a rack maximizing production for such a small oven. The slices are all uniform in size with virtually no crust and were sometimes called the “sandwich loaf” or “pan bread.” ┬áThese The recipe challenge is the amount of dough and rise has to exactly fit. Too little and the top has a gap, too much and it squeezes out the ends.┬áThis recipe does not have a strong rise so it works well with a Pullman pan. When making it with a regular loaf pan use a smaller pan than you expect and do NOT score the dough. This dough has little oven spring.