What is a Timeline?

One of the unique features of On Bread Alone is what I call a recipe timeline. Bread recipes differ from cooking recipes in that for yeast breads there are ferment and proof times. I look at a bread recipe timing from two points of view:

  1. How much time will I be active – measuring, mixing, forming, …
  2. How much time will I be inactive, ie waiting – ferment, proofing, preheating the oven and baking

The recipes list active and inactive times and a resulting total time. A timeline clock is a representation of this. Here are some examples

Sponge Method Challah

Timeline 3:40

Timeline 3:40

Sponge Method Challah has many active and inactive steps. The active steps are red pie shapes, the inactive times white. The steps include Active-Mix sponge, inactive-ferment, Active-Mix and knead dough, Inactive-proof, Active-Form braid, Inactive-Proof, Active-Wash and seed, Inactive-Bake, Active-Remove loaf.

The total time is 3:40 but only 40 minutes of that is active while you wait for 3 hours.

Beer Soda Bread

Timeline 0:55

Timeline 0:55

Beer Soda Bread is the exact opposite. Mix the ingredients and bake.

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