Ripe Test

Dough rising times change with the recipe, room temperature and humidity. I list times in the recipes but they are guidelines only. In my case I do all of my rising in an oven equipped with a Proof setting. This keeps the oven at 95F (35C). Some days the dough is just slow. The “Ripe Test” tells if the dough is ready.

Ripe Test – Ferment

After the ferment (first rise), gently stick two fingers deep into the dough. Remove. If the holes remain in the dough it is “ripe” and ready for the punch down and forming. The fingers should go in easily.

Ripe Test – Proof

After the proof you do not want to damage the look of the dough. Gently touch the side of the dough with your finger tips. If the indentation remains, the loaf is ready to proceed.

In the proof test photos I actually pressed in a bit too much. I wanted the dent to be clearly visible. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it.

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