Baking Bread in 1911 vs now

Do you ever think about how our lives have changed in the last 100 years? Learn about baking bread in 1911 versus now. Why 1911?

In the spring of 2017 I was approached by the Lucy Maud Montgomery Society to give a talk at the site where Lucy lived from 1911 to 1926. The idea was to compare how Lucy baked bread when she arrived versus how it is made now. I researched the topic and found it very interesting. I presented the talk on July 26, 2017 and again at the Uxbridge Public Library on Nov 27, 2017.

I discovered a copy of the GOLD MEDAL FLOUR COOK BOOK by Washburn-Crosby Co, published in 1910. The talk revolves around a recipe for ‘Milk and Water Bread’ on page 49, and why each ingredient and step was done.

Presentation: Baking Bread 1911 vs Now PDF

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