The Thin Crust Pizza Silver Bullet

I love pizza, especially thin crust, but have struggled to find a dough recipe I like. One of the biggest challenges was spreading out the dough. Then I read an article on using parchment paper to make thin crust. Parchment paper is cellulose-based paper that has been treated to make it non-stick in baking use. For this technique, we use two sheets of parchment paper.

  1. Lightly grease with a cooking spray each sheet and place the dough between the greased sides of the sheets. Roll out the dough. As the dough is not touching the rolling pin, there are no sticking issues.
  2. How thin do you like your crust? To thicken up the crust, let the dough site between the parchment sheets for up to 10 minutes. For the thinnest crust, go immediately to the next step and do not let dough rise.
  3. Remove the top sheet. It peels off easily.
  4. Roll the edge of the dough up to give the pizza a rounder shape and create a thicker edge
  5. Dress the dough with your favourite sauce and toppings.
  6. Place the pizza in the oven. Leave it on the parchment paper. The pizza should sit on a hot well pre-heated steel sheet or pizza stone. Bake for the appropriate time.
  7. Remove from the oven. The paper is not hot to the touch so can be used to drag the pizza.
  8. Lift the corner of the paper and slide the pizza off. It will not stick at all.
  9. Slice and serve.

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I love that my pizza is not perfectly round. My wife and I pre-divide up our sides so that we can add toppings appropriately.



  1. Keahi March 21, 2022

    I love this. Love that your pizza was freeform and not a perfect circle.

    • Rich March 21, 2022

      I like the irregular form also.

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