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My First Challah

Timeline 2:35

My First Challah is a great first bread to make. One, it is not complicated and two, it looks amazing. Fleischmann’s Bread World – Easy Challah was one of the very first bread recipes I made. Using a 9×5 loaf pan is easier than braiding the dough and once you make a loaf you can always do a proper braid. There is nothing pan unique about the recipe. The pan is just an nice step for the first timer.

FYI – The picture above is of my first challah. The structure is far from perfect but it tasted wonderful and amazed people. I moved quickly to braiding the dough to make a traditional Challah with the same recipe.

Sponge Method Challah Bread

Timeline 3:40

Timeline 3:40

Challah is a classic braided egg bread and a crowd pleaser. Challah has become a favourite of mine for occasions. The eggs and butter create a yummy chew. There are many ways to braid the dough from a basic pan to a three strand, round to even a bowl. Don’t let a fear of braiding hold you back.