Be Sure to Flip Your Waffles (Tip)

Today I was testing a new variation on the Lemon Milk Waffles recipe, using egg white substitute (Meringue Powder) in place of an egg. I figured the lack of egg yolk would result in a lighter waffle, as the yolk turns brown during baking. Here are two waffles, one showing the top, the other the bottom. The lack of egg yolk created more contrast than I usually see.

There are two types of waffle makers: a flip and a traditional. These waffles were created with the traditional maker. The waffle top is not brown on the edges, as the batter did not touch the top plate. On a flip maker as you turn the plates over after closing, both top and bottom plates get batter. The result is a prettier waffle.

What surprised me was how pretty the bottom side was on a non-flip waffle.

Moral of the story: flip your waffles before serving..

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