Baker Rich

Baker Rich (aka Rich Helms) is an avid bread baker and a student at George Brown College's Artisan Bread Baking Certificate. This website is where Rich organizes and documents his recipes and notes.

New to bread making? Looking for a good first recipe. I recommend "My First Challah."

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Pie Pan

Wilton 9" Pie Pan

Wilton - 9x1.25 round pie pan - 1 L - 4 ½ cups Pie pans are nice as they don't give a pan look to the resulting loaf. The slope of the side is gradual enough to be missed. Pie pans are what got me into using non-bread pans. A one or one and one-half pound loaf fits nicely in one.
Hearth Pan

USA Pan Hearth Pan

USA Pan 12x5.5x2.25 Hearth Bread Pan - 2.4L - 10.1 cups This hearth pan is for larger artisan style loaves. I like it as the structure helps support the form of a traditional load while using a lower cost flour such as all purpose.
Classic Bread Loaf Pans

Wilton 9.25x5.25x2.75 Loaf Pan

Wilton - 8.5x4.5x2.5 loaf - 1.3 L - 5 ½ cups (1 pound loaf) Wilton - 9x5x2.5 loaf - 1.7 L - 7 cups (1½ pound loaf) These are the main stay of bread baking.